Golden Phoe Htaung Co. Ltd. is a family-rooted company deeply rooted in Myanmar’s heritage. It was established in 1970 by U Kan Nyunt and Daw Aye Kyi in Thaedaw Wundwin township, Mandalay region. Named after their beloved son, Phoe Htaung, the legacy continued through U Phoe Htaung and Daw Tin Tin Yu. What started as a small outfit preparing and manufacturing products with beans, pulses and tea has flourished to such an extent that we engage with 450 growers.

Earning trust for more than five decades, in 2018 Golden Phoe Htaung Co. Ltd. was officially registered with DICA. With Daw Tin Tin Yu at the helm, our business is proudly driven today by women’s power. From modest beginnings, producing 10 viss per day, we have evolved into a prominent producer, now delivering 3850 viss daily. Embracing innovation, we transform local farmers’ raw materials into exquisite, finished products for global export. Currently our products reach markets in Thailand, Japan, America, Singapore, and Korea.

Our journey has not been without its challenges, but our unwavering commitment to quality and natural flavours has captured the hearts of consumers. This dedication has led to the widespread popularity of our products, which have expanded beyond local markets. With U Phoe Htaing’s retirement, Daw Tin Tin Yu assumed leadership, further propelling the company’s growth and diversification.
Today, with approximately 100 employees and a fleet of delivery vehicles, we continue to broaden our horizons. We are driven by a vision that combines tradition and innovation, aiming for a future where Myanmar’s beans and pulse products take a prominent position in the global market.

Building a Successful Future


There are five key pillars
of our mission at
Golden Phoe Htaung


Transform local farmers’ products into premium products for global markets


Showcase the authentic taste of Myanmar laphet and fried beans


Become a leader and innovator in the industry


Build a world-class factory with cutting-edge equipment and product innovations


Elevate employee development


Strong partnerships with suppliers and customers, offering diverse Myanmar beans and pulses

A premier local and global brand, promoting social and environmental well-being

An empowering environment for local farmers that benefits every family's health and future