Without any chemical additives, our products ensure a healthy consumption experience free from side effects. Our production strictly adheres to HACCP rules and FDA regulations and holds Halal certifications, guaranteeing food hygiene and inclusivity for diverse ethnicities. With our in-house manufacturing and distribution, we uphold uncompromising quality standards.
Our products feature pure sunflower oil from Turkey and flavouring powder sourced from Japan, both approved by the Myanmar FDA. Our offerings encompass a diverse array of eight fried bean varieties, each with its own product name, such as Htoo Htoo Shal and Thaedaw. These products consist of various mixes of beans, seeds, peas, nuts, and tea, making them an ideal snack or perfect accompaniment for the renowned laphet (Myanmar tea leaf salad). Additionally, we offer three flavours of pickled tea, including spicy, Kyet Chay Ni, and sweet.
We customise our exports to align with the preferences of our customers. This includes providing tailored packaging that meets the requirements of international buyers. For larger orders, we offer bigger PP bags. Furthermore, our products are also accessible in vacuum-sealed, transparent packaging, enabling buyers to repackage them as necessary in their own countries.