Over the decades our network of farmers with whom we work closely has expanded. We are proud of the deep connections we have with them. At Golden Phoe Htaung, our business of pickled tea and fried beans involves sourcing raw tea and beans from diverse regions across Myanmar. We primarily obtain beans and peas from the Thaedaw Wundwin area and other towns. Wundwin, situated in the Mandalay region, is known for its delightful climate, stunning mountain landscapes, and cotton fabric production.
Farm Owners
Our pickled tea comes from Pindaya in Southern Shan State, famous for tea cultivation, and Za Yang in Northern Shan State. We collaborate with a network of 30 farm owners, engaging approximately 450 growers, of whom 300 are young members. Fermented tea farms span 5 acres, while bean farms exceed 10 acres. On average, each farm produces between 600-800 kilogrammes of tea leaves and around 1 tonne of beans. We source various types of beans, including lablab beans, butter beans, baifeng beans, and more, from local farmers and collectors.
The bean seasons start with flowering in December and culminate in harvesting in February and March. After undergoing sun-drying and separation using bean separators, the beans are stored in airtight PP bags.

Uplifting Farmers






Golden Phoe Htaung is committed to supporting Myanmar BPO farmers by enhancing their technology and agricultural practices. We facilitate community-level interventions, advocating modern weeding methods that save time and money. In the past, farmers manually processed beans, causing fatigue. Now, with modern bean separators, we streamline the process, reducing labour and costs.

Being a part of the Myanmar Tea Association and the Thaedaw Wundwin Tea Group, we support tea farmers in enhancing their traditional skills by introducing modern production techniques. We provide them with advanced equipment such as tea rolling machines, tea leaf cutters, roasters, and metal pots, enabling them to elevate their craftsmanship.

We strive to uplift farmers and the agricultural sector through innovative practices, fostering sustainable growth for Myanmar’s beans and pulses industry.